06/26/2012 08:10 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Graphic Designer Viktor Hertz's Awesome Pictogram Rock Posters (PHOTOS)

Viktor Hertz, a freelance graphic designer from Sweden, ditched the conventional movie poster model to create an incredible series of film posters made solely from pictogram designs. From David Bowie to The Beatles, Hertz is combining quirky stick figures and perfectly placed ideograms that very literally illustrate everyone's favorite albums.


Hertz' graphic creations are like an endless game of guess-who, as you comb over the 234 individual pictograms trying to decipher which song titles and lyrics are illustrated in the miniature designs. And the process of designing the posters seems like it was a game for the artist himself, who rose to viral fame with his single-pictogram movie posters. He made as many tiny pictograms as he could think of for each band or singer, jamming them all into the 50 x 70 cm frame.

Looking over the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Johnny Cash, you might have realized that there is an absence of female rockers in Hertz's selection of posters. But it's an absence that the designer recognizes on his website and hopes to rectify soon. Which is ultimately a good sign for us, because that means we can expect some more of his pictogram magic in the near future. In the meantime, check out images of Hertz' music poster series below and see how many song titles you can identify.

Graphic Designer Viktor Hertz' Pictogram Rock Posters