06/26/2012 09:54 am ET

Kate Hudson Does Her Friends' Makeup... And Her Own

We can't say we know her personally, but Kate Hudson seems like the kind of girl we'd want to hang out with. We'd giggle and dish about boys and raid her closet and... well, we're getting ahead of ourselves.

As it turns out, Kate's an even better friend than we imagined. The actress tells People:

"I love putting makeup on friends... I do it all the time. If I’m bringing them to a premiere, or we’re having a party, they’ll all come over early and I’ll do their makeup. I love it."

She also does her own makeup for premieres, she admits to the mag. So low-maintenance! So down-to-Earth! Be our friend (and do our makeup), Kate?

Being so cavalierly D.I.Y. is risky, of course, but Hudson can laugh at her mistakes. Her first Oscars appearance in 2001, she admitted, was not her finest moment. She was super excited about her lavender Stella McCartney dress, made by hand by Stella herself... but the next morning, she recalled to Vogue UK, "I turned on the television to find out I was on every Worst Dressed list possible. So I called Stella and we just laughed our arses off and she said to me, 'Look babe, it was the hair wasn't it?'"

Hopefully her friends getting those signature Kate Hudson Makeovers are, um, equally chilled out.

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