Largest Ferris Wheel In The World Proposed For NYC's Staten Island

Could a colossal ferris wheel tempt you to hang out in Staten Island? Apparently, that's what several city officials believe could have the convincing pull to attract tourists to the borough.

The city is proposing to build a gigantic ferris wheel in Staten Island, a feat that would knock out both the Singapore Flyer, the current reigning wheel and the famed London Eye to become the largest ferris wheel in the world.

The New York City Economic Development Corporation and an unidentified company are currently under negotiations to build out the potential wheel. The ride would stand at roughly 600 feet tall and take over two parking lots near the Staten Island ferry terminal.

The plan hopes to attract tourists riding the Staten Island Ferry to also visit Staten Island, rather than reaching the borough by water only to simply stay on and return back to Manhattan as the majority of tourist riders do.

The Staten Island Advance reports the city is also considering developing luxury shopping stores as another option for the 14-acres of waterfront property.

The Singapore Flyer stands at 541 feet high and costs $29.50 for a half hour ride. The London Eye is 443 tall and also costs $29.50 for a single ride.