06/26/2012 09:18 am ET

Rielle Hunter Book: Revelations From 'What Really Happened' (PHOTOS)

Rielle Hunter is back in the spotlight with her new memoir, offering a window into her relationship with two-time presidential candidate John Edwards.

In What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter and Me, Hunter details how her relationship with Edwards began and also has harsh words for the former senator's late wife, Elizabeth Edwards, who passed away in 2010 after a years-long battle with cancer.

"I feel for both my daughter and for all the kids involved, the full truth needs to be in the public domain," Hunter said in a recent interview with ABC's 20/20. "Their father's not a demon and their mother's not a saint. And I'm not a home wrecker. We're real human beings. And there is a real dynamic that was going on, good and bad. And we all made mistakes."

Hunter says she is no longer involved with Edwards.

Below, a look at the most intriguing revelations from Hunter's book.

Rielle Hunter Reveals 'What Really Happened'