06/26/2012 01:44 pm ET Updated Jun 27, 2012

Yes This Is Dog: Internet Meme Originated In Serbian 'Drug Saga' (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

"Yes, This Is Dog" is one of the sillier memes that the Internet has produced, but its origins are darker than its many derivatives might suggest.

As reported by Know Your Meme, the widely circulated image is a still from a 1984 Serbian film called "Pejzaži u Magli" ("Landscape in the Mist," not to be confused with a Greek film of the same name).

Directed by Jovan Jovanović, the film documents that gloomy life of heroin addicts living under communism in Belgrade. The website Kino Kultura describes the film as a "drug saga" belonging to the "Social Horror" genre, which mixed hedonism and a strong political message to channel the suffering of the lowest ranks of society.

Not exactly lighthearted stuff. But, hey, take it out of context and it's just a dog on the phone. Hilarious.

In October 2011, the image macro was posted to a Tumblr blog, then reposted to Reddit, where it began to go viral.

Since then, it's been riffed on more times than are worth pointing out, but you can check out some definitive examples of the meme below.

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[via Reddit]