06/27/2012 05:46 pm ET

Baby Born On New York Subway; Wanda Dueno Gives Birth Aboard J Train, Says MTA

Another day, another baby born on the New York City subway.

NBC New York reports a healthy baby boy was born aboard the J train near the Chambers Street stop early Wednesday morning. The 24-year-old mother, Wanda Dueno, was riding in a car by herself on her way home to the Bronx when, at about 1:30 AM, she went into labor.

She used the train's emergency intercom but by the time the conductor had stopped the train and come to her aid, the newborn was already getting his very first glimpse of a New York City subway car (and maybe a Dr. Zizmor ad?).

MTA chairman Jay Lhota told The New York Post, "The boy is healthy and in good condition. He and his mother are in the hospital. I'm looking forward to meeting this little baby. I want to have something to do with naming him Metro or somethig like that."

According to Daily News, Dueno, who wasn't due until July 1st, decided to name the child Chris. Ok, so not Metro. But we'd like to humbly suggest that the MTA give free-fares-for-life to any child born on the subway.

Earlier this week, further out on the J train in Brooklyn, a baby almost died, were it not for the heroics of an unemployed man on his way to a job interview.

Delroy Simmonds jumped onto the train tracks at the Van Siclen stop and rescued a baby whose stroller had rolled off the platform as a J train approached. After news of his heroics broke, Simmonds, who had been unemployed for a year, was offered a job.