06/27/2012 11:05 am ET Updated Jun 27, 2012

Baron Davis Gives NYC A 'Heads Up' In Safety Ad Campaign For NYC Department Of Transportation (VIDEO)

Despite the constant flow of cars and bikers whizzing through the congested streets of New York, too many New Yorkers fail to pay proper attention to what's going on, leading to nasty accidents and sometimes fatalities.

A silly new PSA starring Knicks player Baron Davis is hoping to crack the whip on us neglectful New Yorkers, warning pedestrians and drivers alike to simply keep their head up when traversing through town.

The "Heads Up" campaign launched by the Department of Transportation also includes several posters leading with the "Heads Up" title and featuring typical traffic scenes and typical errors we New Yorkers make too often.

So the moral of the story: pay attention! Who knows, you just might run into a Knick.

Check out the posters below:



"Heads Up" Safety Campaign In NYC