06/27/2012 03:28 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Denny's Commercial Mentioning Second Amendment Earns Conservative Praise

We are always amazed (and sometimes delighted) by the inability to recognize irony. In what appears to be an enthusiastic, if potentially misguided response to brand-messaging, conservative groups across America are throwing their support behind Denny's for an ad for their "Tour of America" campaign. They seem to think the ad shows that Denny's believes the right to bear arms is "what makes America the greatest country in the world."

As AdWeek notes, this sudden swell of support seems to be rooted in the same soil as this week's widespread conservative criticism of Oreo's nod to Pride Week. Offended commenters went ballistic with threats to boycott Oreo and its parent companies for supporting something they didn't agree with. Which makes right-wing blog Conservative Refocus News' commentary on the matter stand in pretty hilariously stark ironic contrast:

It probaby won't be long before a bunch of radical, Obama loving, America hating Liberals begin protesting this particular All-American Restaurant for actually celebrating what makes America great.

Over on, a firearm enthusiast forum, there seems to be debate raging over whether Denny's mention of the Second Amendment is a pro or a con, considering that they were sort of joking about it. This polarizing discussion currently has forum members split between "Pro" (42%) and "Who Cares?" (32%).

We are certainly not suggesting that Denny's doesn't believe America is a great country, but rather that the man in the commercial was probably going to say that what makes America great is "the fact that there are meat, potatoes AND cheese in the sandwich I'm about to shove in my face." That is, before his patriotic (and highly articulate) children and fellow patrons made him feel sheepish.