06/27/2012 03:31 pm ET

'Hollywood Exes' Reality Show Stars Former Wives Of R. Kelly, Will Smith, Prince

Ever wonder what it's like to be married to an A-list celebrity? Wonder no more, as five ex-wives are about to step out of their famous husbands' shadows in the new VH1 show "Hollywood Exes."

"It is a true sisterhood. There is true love between us … It's just a bond we have that is unbreakable," Andrea Kelly, R. Kelly's former spouse, tells me on the set of "New York Live."

"The biggest misconception is that you married your ex for their money, which is an insult to them because they are bringing so much [more] to the table than just the money and the fame," adds Sheree Fletcher, who was once married to Will Smith. "These are great men. It just didn't work out between us."

It is no secret that Will, Sheree and his second wife, Jada, get along very well. Andrea says she too has a great relationship with her ex. "We have children so we are forever bonded," she says.

As for the new reality show, Andrea explains, "When you think about our exes, we are thinking entertainment royalty -- so they were kings. This is a show about the queens that kept them going. It's not so much about our exes; it's about the women that were behind the exes and why they married us."

Also on the show are Jessica Canseco, Jose's onetime wife, and Nicole Murphy, Eddie's ex. But the most surprising member of the cast is Mayte Garcia, who was married to the ultra-private Prince for four years. Has she talked with him about being on the show?

"No, because I'm definitely not talking about him [on the show]. I'm talking about my life. He was a part of my life, but this is definitely my story, my journey and my struggles. You know divorce is not easy," says Mayte.

In fact, Andrea, Sheree and Mayte all say they haven't set any guidelines with their exes about what they will and won't mention on the show. So they may talk about anything -- including some of the more intimate details we're all dying to know!