06/27/2012 09:17 pm ET Updated Jun 28, 2012

Molly The Dog Adopts Orphaned Kittens (VIDEO)

From a mother cat who adopted red panda cubs to a dog who nursed piglets, this Mother's Day we celebrated the blind and unconditional love that these awesome animal moms have showered on their 'inter-special' offspring.

Now it looks like we have another super mom to add to our list.

According to the Dothan Eagle, a litter of orphaned kittens have found a new mama in the shape of a dog named Molly.

Molly's owner Elbert Bristow said he had accidentally run over and killed the mother of the newborn kittens last week, leaving the four babies to fend for themselves.

“We hated to lose her,” Bristow said of his cat. “Hopefully one of these kittens will be like her because she was real sweet.”

Fortunately, Bristow said his 2-year-old dog Molly -- who had also recently given birth to a litter of her own -- happily welcomed the orphaned kittens into her fold.

"[Molly] lays down and lets them eat. It is unusual, very unusual. Really they’re natural enemies. Most dogs can’t stand cats," he said, adding that the kittens like to follow their new mom wherever she goes.

According to the Dothan Eagle, Molly is an English Bulldog, while says she's an American Bulldog.