06/27/2012 09:11 am ET Updated Aug 31, 2012

Quick And Easy Dinner: 9 Tips To Get It On The Table Faster

Even if you love to cook, live to cook, dinner can be a chore -- especially when you're trying to get that meal on the table after a long day at work. No matter what kind of day you've had, come six o'clock energy begins to wane. Yet, we can't really avoid dinner. While take-out may be tempting, it's just not as good (health-, price- and flavor-wise) as a home cooked meal.

We're sorry to say that there's no magic wand or secret formula that can make this weeknight meal easier. But there are some simple tips and steps to follow that will significantly shorten the amount of time it takes you to make it -- without having you resort solely on canned foods. If you've got a great time-saving trick that we don't know about, please share it with us!

Quick Dinner Tips