06/28/2012 09:04 am ET

'Fresh Prints Of L.A.' Celebrates Los Angeles Design At Fifth Floor Gallery (PHOTOS)

When Uncle Phil opened his loving arms and French double doors to a troubled teenager from Philly in "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air," America began its love/hate relationship with the City of Angels. Now, in conjunction with Chinatown Design Night and the Los Angeles Design Festival, we present the cleverly-named exhibition, "Fresh Prints of L.A." The design show features new letterpresses and screen prints from three well-known area artists.

Charlie Carroll, David Lomeli, and Leslie Ross-Robertson create homages to the little things L.A. residents experience: traffic, smog, pretentious bicyclists and those damn people who manage to find the perfect home with the perfect view. All these minor annoyances are discussed over a nonfat cappuccino as "so L.A." The minimalist designs make us smile with their snide sense of humor and ultra-sleek aesthetic. They remind us of that L.A. mindset that says, "I'd rather be stuck in a car surrounded by smog in L.A. than anywhere else."

"Fresh Prints of L.A." will show from June 30 - August 26 at the Fifth Floor Gallery in, you guessed it, Los Angeles.

Fresh Prints of LA