06/28/2012 12:26 pm ET Updated Jun 28, 2012

Miley Cyrus Dishes On Why She Loves Liam Hemsworth (VIDEO)

Newly engaged couple Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth looked glowing on the carpet at the Australians In Film Awards & Benefit Dinner on Wednesday night in Los Angeles, where they spoke out for the first time since they announced their engagement earlier this month.

Cyrus made headlines just for the skintight, black cutout dress she wore for the occasion, but the 19-year-old singer and actress also revealed a few of the things she loves about her fiance.

"[Liam] doesn't really care about the fame part of it, which is exactly what I love [about him]. I just love the art of it and making what we both enjoy, and what makes us really happy," she told reporters at the event, adding that the 22-year-old's work ethic also drew her to him.

"My Dad has always been a really hard worker so I like when men work hard," Cyrus told Celebuzz. "I always work really hard, so it's good to have someone that is as passionate at what they do and wants to be great at what they do, instead of just being okay. We always strive to have 130 percent."

The "LOL: Laughing Out Loud" star also gushed over what it's like to date an Australian guy -- which was fitting given the evening's event.

"[Australian guys] are way hotter, there's no competition," she said while laughing, and added that she thinks they possess a certain masculinity. "They are a little more respectful ... It's probably like growing up in the South, like what I did, it is very respectful."

The couple met on the set of the 2010 movie "The Last Song," and surprised everyone with their plans to tie the knot. Though they were happy to share the good news, they both kept quiet last night when asked about the upcoming wedding.

Miley Cyrus