06/28/2012 03:35 pm ET

Sesame Street Strip Club: North Miami Approves Liquor License For Controversial Establishment (VIDEO)

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Last Tuesday night, the North Miami City Council approved a controversial measure that will enable a Sesame Street strip club to sell liquor.

Miami's Local10 reports that the measure passed by a vote of 3-2.

Before you get too riled up, take a deep breath: "Sesame Street," the famed PBS children's show, hasn't converted to an adults-only franchise, and Big-Bird will not shake those tail feathers on a stage. Still, to the likely chagrin of PBS, the proposed full-nude club sits on Miami's actual Sesame Street.

HuffPost Miami explains that the street is home to public television station WPBT, which has aired the Emmy-award winning show for several decades, thus earning the name.

And though the area lacks angry trash dwellers and a certain blue cookie monster, opponents argue that the club will degrade the surrounding area. "Opening the city to this kind of business is misguided and inconsistent with the wishes of our community," reads a statement on, an organization that attempted to halt the measure.

In his decision, Councilman Scott Galvin acknowledged a strip club was preferable to an abandoned building, writes NBC Miami, in that it would at least generate tax revenue and jobs.

According to the Miami Herald, the club will create 40 construction-related jobs in addition to 50 permanent positions within the club itself.