06/29/2012 02:29 pm ET

Drew Brees Drives Cab: Saints Star In Taxi Challenges New York City On Concussion Knowledge (VIDEO)

Drew Brees has been pretty busy this offseason. The star quarterback has been embroiled in sporadically public negotiations with the New Orleans Saints over a long-term contract, and his tweets about the Saints' bounty scandal recently sparked some controversy. However, the four-time All-Pro recently found some time in his busy schedule to try his hand at something perhaps even more stressful than standing tall amidst an NFL pass rush.

In a public service announcement done with Dick's Sporting Goods, Brees gets behind the wheel of a cab and hits the streets of Manhattan to spread the word about concussion prevention. Under the title "Who Dat Cabbie?" the spot features Brees engaging his passengers in a concussion-centric version of the popular Discovery program "Cash Cab." Although these interactions seem even more staged than the ones in show that inspired it, Brees' intention here is totally admirable, even if his habit of taking his eyes off the road might not cut it in Midtown.

If Brees had picked up an actual New Yorker then he might have been asked how he reconciled his public health message with the pay-for-pain practices that some of his teammates are accused of using against opponents.