06/29/2012 06:16 pm ET Updated Jul 02, 2012

Emily Franklin, Teen Rookie Firefighter, Loses House To Colorado Wildfires While Battling Blaze (VIDEO)

Emily Franklin lost her home to the Colorado wildfires that have been raging across the region, and she watched it burn down while battling the blaze herself.

The 18-year-old rookie firefighter from Estes Park saw the flames engulf parts of her neighborhood, alerted neighbors about the situation and grabbed the garden hose, ABC News reports.

Franklin then joined firefighters battling the flames and directing traffic. Her house eventually succumbed to the blaze.

"This is my first fire and it was my own home," Franklin told the station. "Great way to kick off a career."

The Colorado wildfires have damaged countless of acres and hundreds of homes across the state and can even be seen from the International Space Station.

Still, officials in the Estes Park area have been working to inform tourists that sites and attractions are still open, the Trail-Gazette reports.

President Barack Obama recently issued a disaster declaration for the state, which releases federal funds for emergency protective measures, as well as crisis counseling and disaster unemployment assistance, according to the Associated Press.