06/30/2012 09:17 am ET Updated Jun 30, 2012

Outdoor Fitness: Sharing The Joy Of Working Out Outside

Bored of the gym? What if you traded in that row of treadmills for something a little greener? For many of us, the great outdoors is a preferred setting for getting fit.

Recent research has suggested there are enhanced health benefits of outdoor exercise over indoor exercise. When HuffPost Healthy Living ran a piece on the research's findings, we received passionate comments from readers who love to sweat under the sun.

Pauline Seville said that the switch to outdoor fitness helped her maintain a routine. “I moved my yoga mat and light weights onto my covered porch a couple of weeks ago. I have a beautiful view of my newly created zen woodland garden," she wrote. "It has led to me exercising every day, instead of avoiding it, or putting it off.”

Other readers delighted in the fresh air on the beach or the social benefit of meeting friends for a jog in the park. One commenter went as far to say outdoor workouts lifts his spirits "no matter what.”

But we wanted to see all this outdoor exercise in action, so we asked our community to submit their favorite outdoor fitness photo. We heard from adventurous readers who got in touch with their rugged sides through hikes in Arizona and cycling excursions in Italy. Some pictures highlight a beautiful view; others show some sunshine-induced smiles.

Check out the slideshow below. Tweet us your #outdoorfitness photo to Healthy Living on Twitter or send a photo via e-mail to healthyliving@huffingtonpost.com.

Outdoor Fitness Photos