06/30/2012 01:18 pm ET

Animal Photos Of The Week

Tragedy hit a chimpanzee sanctuary in South Africa this week, when an American graduate student sustained injuries in a severe chimp attack that have left him in critical condition. Andrew Oberle was repeatedly bitten and dragged nearly half a mile by the animals. No others were injured, reported the Associated Press.

In Texas, the death of a cattle herd has been tied to cyanide, or prussic acid, poisoning from "a common Bermuda grass hybrid found in grazing lands across Texas," explained AP. The grass, which was introduced in 1992, is known for its drought resistance. This was the first case of cattle cyanide deaths from the grass.

In lighter animal news, check out this live webcam of Atlantic puffins waddling around a remote Maine island. The cams, streamed from the largest U.S. puffin colony at Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge, were installed by the National Audubon Society and explore.org. In case you missed it, this puppy on a beach has a good time trying to make friends with a crab.

If Fourth of July fireworks and other noisy celebrations are likely to scare your pet, check out these tips for keeping them calm. Mother Nature Network recommends you start by desensitizing your dog with music or other noises. If you're thinking of taking your pet on vacation, check out these dog-friendly destinations.

Below find some of the best animal photos taken in the past week.

Animal Photos Of The Week