05/15/2012 08:58 am ET Updated Jul 22, 2012

Fearless Quotes of the Day #FQOTD

Great quotes crystallize profound ideas, instantly giving the hearers (or in this case, readers) an unexpectedly intimate understanding of topics mysterious, abstract, complex. In this case, the topic is fearlessness. The slideshow below contains views and opinions about fearlessness from people both real and fictional, famous and not.

In the coming weeks, this slideshow will continue to grow. Read a goosebump-inducing quote about courage somewhere -- in a book, an article, a "real person's" blog? Tell us, and we may add it in! Comment below (naming your source), or tweet the quote and source to us @HealthyLiving using the hashtags #becomingfearless and #fqotd. If you tweet, you will automatically be entered into Toyota Corolla's Most Fearless Tweet Contest! (Click here for the Official Rules.)

In the meantime, may these quotes get you thinking in a new way about the challenges you're currently facing.

Fearless Quotes Of The Day