07/03/2012 05:39 pm ET

Grandma's Pot Cookies Land Hungry 3-Year-Old In The Hospital

The cookies that grandmothers make are undeniably special. The problem for one toddler was that his grandmother's cookies were "special" in that adult recreational sort of way.

This Southern California grandmother had her marijuana cookies, which she uses to ease the pain from her cancer, in a special garage refrigerator, but it wasn't enough to keep them away from her munchie-loving grandchild.

The three-year-old's father saw cookie crumbs in the garage but assumed that they were from his mom's nightcap cookie to help her sleep, the Press Enterprise reports. The THC-laced cookies are so potent that one big bite would knock grandma out for the night.

It wasn't until he was unable to wake up his son after the boy had slept for 16 hours straight that he realized the toddler must have gotten into the special batch.

The father called the Murrietta Police Department Saturday morning, and the boy was taken to the hospital. “No one knows how much he ate,” said Sgt. Phil Gomez, the New York Daily reports. The boy appears to have recovered.

Still, police said the grandmother has vowed to never bake pot cookies again.

Although grandma clearly feels badly, it's nothing compared to the mother who passed out high with her baby in the back seat or the parents who gave their two-year-old a "pot pipe" to smoke out of.

Still, if toxicology results find marijuana in the Murrietta child's system, his guardians could face child endangerment charges, the Daily Mail reports.