07/03/2012 12:02 pm ET Updated Jul 03, 2012

July 4th BBQ: How Much It Will Cost You

If you are among the millions of Americans planning to host a 4th of July cookout, you should expect to spend quite a bit of money.

We calculated just how much someone in New York City could expect to spend on a BBQ by walking through a Food Emporium in midtown Manhattan. (Editor's Note: Prices in Manhattan don't necessarily reflect prices across the country!) By our estimates, the final tab for a July 4th BBQ feeding 5-10 people could exceed $300 for first timers, as the price of a gas grill alone starts around $170.

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Of course, costs do vary based on local sales taxes, gas prices, stores the products are sold in and brand name. However, the following list of cookout essentials should provide a rough outline of how much a July 4th BBQ costs.