07/03/2012 11:09 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bear Cubs Break Into Cars At Snowmass Village (PHOTO)

As if human carjackers weren't terrifying enough, now bears are breaking into cars in Snowmass Village? A mother and her three cubs have been reportedly breaking into a number of cars in the Colorado mountain town near Aspen.

On Saturday night, the owner of the car, an unidentified woman, opened her car door only to find bears inside of it, KDVR reports. When police arrived, Snowmass Village Police Officer David Heivly snapped this photo below of two of the bear cubs in the car and caught red handed, according to 9News.

The officers on the scene had already scared the mother away, but what they didn't know was that her babies were still inside the car.

The Town of Snowmass Village Transportation Department posted the photo on their Facebook page warning visitors to lock their cars and and clean out leftover food. Via Facebook:

Bears are breaking into cars in Snowmass Village! Please lock your cars and try to clean all traces of food out of them. On second thought, sell your car and ride the Village Shuttle. Beats having to clean it. Seriously! Lock your cars. These cute little guys lives depend on you to act responsibly in bear country.

LOOK at the two bear cubs caught red handed:
bears break into car

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