07/05/2012 05:22 pm ET

'Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars': Donald Trump, NBC Launching Veterans Season

The latest craze in reality competition shows is about to strike "Celebrity Apprentice": The All-Star season. According to the New York Post, Donald Trump and NBC will launch a new season featuring veteran contestants of "Celebrity Apprentice."

The Post reports no casting has officially begun on the series, but stars are reportedly clamoring to join the show. When The Huffington Post spoke with Trump in May 2012, he made similar statements.

"Everybody wants to be on the show. It's very easy for us," Trump said on the red carpet at NBC's upfront presentation in New York. "We have to turn down probably seven for every one we take. You'd be amazed how many celebrities are out there."

Past "Celebrity Apprentice" contestants have included NeNe Leakes, Star Jones, Joan Rivers, Piers Morgan, Gene Simmons and Arsenio Hall.

According to The Post, "Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars" will launch in February 2012. Other shows doing all-star seasons this year include "Dancing With the Stars" and "Project Runway." Lifetime's "Project Runway" already aired one all-star season. Bravo's "Top Chef" has also brought past contestants back for a new competition season.