07/05/2012 02:27 pm ET Updated Sep 04, 2012

Jim DeMint, South Carolina Senator, Could Be Challenged For Super PAC

Sen. Jim DeMint's small-donor fundraising group, the Senate Conservatives Fund, has been a highly successful machine for the Greenville Republican, helping to propel DeMint into the position of a major hard-line conservative Tea Party rainmaker and kingmaker.

The SCF has raised more than $17 million for DeMint's brand of hard-core conservatives. Now, DeMint aims to shoot even higher.

DeMint has cut his personal ties with SCF so that it can create a new offshoot -- a "Super PAC" dubbed Senate Conservatives Action. This new Super PAC -- which launched with a new website on Monday -- will be able to accept unlimited contributions from corporations and individuals. As such, it will be able to spend at will in an effort to remake the Senate and help elect DeMint's brand of staunch conservatives.

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