07/06/2012 12:25 pm ET Updated Jul 07, 2012

Blake Lively 'Savages' Costumes Make Her Uncomfortable

As one of Karl Lagerfeld's besties and the new face of Gucci, one would think that Blake Lively has expensive clothing tastes. But it turns out, she's just your typical, chain-store-shopping California girl who can really get into character.

Blake dished to Celebuzz about her love of "designing a character" and throwing herself into the sartorial aspects of her work. (The "Gossip Girl" star has already gushed about how much she loved dressing like the "urban equestrian chic" Serena.) “When I play a character so different than myself, I love to hide behind the clothes,” Blake told Celebuzz. “It’s actually a really good secret –- if you don’t look like her, and you don’t talk like her, then you can disappear.”

Disappearing may have been just what the actress needed to do while transforming herself into the pot-smoking beach bum engaged in a monogamous ménage à trois in "Savages." While Blake doesn't see any need to disappear in real-life (look no further than her jaw-dropping corset dress at the movie's premiere for proof), it seems like she felt that her styling in the film hit a little too close to home:

When you look like you, you talk like you, you’re from southern California and you wear clothes you went shopping for at Topshop, then it gets to be a little messy. Like, 'I don’t want people to think this is me!’ It was a really weird personal challenge shooting this.

Does this mean that Ms. Lively throws her Chanel blazers on top of Topshop mini dresses? We'll have to wait for some photographic evidence of the blonde's high-low tastes, but it sounds like a pretty promising lead. As for her issues with getting into character, we're sure she's glammed it up enough in the past couple of weeks to separate herself from the less-than-flattering image.

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