07/06/2012 05:52 pm ET Updated Jul 07, 2012

Heidi Klum: I Don't Know If I'll Marry Again

How quickly we forget.

While everyone's caught up in the TomKat divorce drama, we've forgotten about that other high-profile celebrity divorce that rocked our worlds' this year: Heidi Klum and Seal.

The pair announced their split in January and formally filed for divorce in April. The tabloids and general public have seemingly moved on to other scandals... so with the spotlight (thankfully) gone, how's Heidi doing?

Fine, thanks. The supermodel-turned-mogul gave an interview to Bild am Sonntag, a German newspaper (natch), in which she spoke candidly about her beauty routine, how she stays for fit and, yes, the fallout from her divorce. "I look forward, I concentrate on my family, and I must say, I'm happy," she told Bild am Sonntag. But she also noted:

I do not know if I would still get married. Although I really liked being married. I am a dreamer. I loved our annual fairytale weddings that were our big family gatherings. But then somehow it has unfortunately not worked.

Aw, sadz. We really did believe that Heidi and Seal would last. But it seems both the model and her crooner ex are moving on: Heidi's already filming the next season of "Project Runway" and Seal was seen kissing another woman on a red carpet in April.

As for Heidi's love life? Not so busy. The model had been spotted with Thomas Hayo, an ad exec and judge on "Germany's Next Top Model," cueing plenty of rumors. Yet Heidi puts the gossip to rest in her Bild am Sonntag interview. When asked about Hayo, she laughed, "He is not and was never my boyfriend. I think he's a great guy, but not for me..."

So there you have it. If your feeling pretty good about your German skills, head to to read more. Otherwise, please direct your attention to

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