07/06/2012 01:35 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Spider-Man vs. Batman: Peter Parker & Bruce Wayne Go Head-To-Head In Superhero Economics (INFOGRAPHIC)

Usually, when it comes to pitting our favorite superheroes against each other, there's more emphasis on their fighting abilities than their bank accounts. After all, who has time to even calculate their anual earnings anyway?

Thankfully, H&R Block has done all of the math so that we don't have to. "The Amazing Spider-Man" may be crushing the box office, but poor Peter Parker can't even afford a share of Wayne Enterprises with that income.

Our only complaint is that this infographic might have been a tad more interesting if they compared Bruce Wayne's enterprise millions to Tony Stark's fortune. Somewhere atop Stark Tower, we bet Iron Man is having a good laugh at Wayne's chump change.

Take a look at the infographic below and tell us what you think of H&R Block's Superhero Economics in the comments.

spiderman vs batman