07/06/2012 04:54 pm ET Updated Jul 06, 2012

Yoko Ono's Instagrams Tell The Story Of One Wild Day Spent Behind Her (PHOTOGRAPHS)

For a 79-year-old, Yoko Ono gets around. Between a retrospective in London this June and the launch of an Instagram project to document smiles filtered just so, the famous and infamous wife of John Lennon moves and shakes like so many James Francos. She's tracked her latest shimmies with a camera -- from the coast of Ireland, into London's galleries, and back to New York, where she's rumored to still keep a few apartments in The Dakota.

There's a strict formula to these photographs, which Ono uploads to her public Instagram account along with images of her artwork: Ono stands with her back to the camera, wearing a black suit and a white fedora, facing something striking. There's a caption below, usually signed "yoko." The caption might be sentimental or pointed, but it's always written in a way that seems intimate. No matter how silly the juxtapositions get, there's something endearing about them too, whether Ono's looking skyward and extolling corner apartments in Manhattan, or she's a tiny figure in the distance, remembering John Lennon.

On their own, the photos suggest a funny premise: What if you spent a day trailing Ono (the photos actually span a month, but she's wearing only one outfit, remember) on a ritzy transatlantic adventure, an eye on her back as she moves through the Serpentine gallery in London, New York's Soho neighborhood, the woods? Would it be fun, or would you just want her to sit down for a while, relax -- hell, let you take the lead? How indulgent is this back-facing position of hers? Is it charming?

We wanted to know the answers to all those questions, and so we edited Ono's Instagram account. The relevant images are now isolated in order from least to most recent, so the whole thing reads like a diary entry. Maybe you need an imaginary vacation, or maybe you're just bored. Either way, we recommend you click through our slideshow of a whirlwind day behind Yoko Ono's back and tell us how it makes you feel.

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