07/09/2012 10:44 am ET Updated Jul 09, 2012

American Crossroads Begins $40 Million TV Ad Buy

Pro-GOP super PAC American Crossroads has begun placing a $40 million advertising campaign in at least 10 states for the fall, according to a Monday National Journal report.

American Crossroads has already purchased over $39.8 million in TV ads in battleground states for the stretch from Labor Day to Election Day, focusing on the presidential election and U.S. Senate races. The National Journal reported the following breakdown:

Between September 4 and November 5, American Crossroads has purchased more than $10 million in advertising in Florida; more than $7 million in Ohio; nearly as much in Virginia; more than $3 million in Colorado; $4 million in North Carolina; $3 million in Iowa; and more than $2 million each in New Hampshire and Nevada, the group will announce today.

The news comes just days after its sister organization, the Karl Rove-backed advocacy group Crossroads GPS, launched a $25 million ad campaign targeting President Barack Obama.

Earlier on Monday, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee announced that it would file a complaint with the Federal Election Commission, arguing that conservative groups like Crossroads GPS should be required to disclose their donors and not be granted nonprofit status given their focus on political campaign work.

Together, American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS have spent more than $90 million in TV ads during this cycle and expect to raise $300 million in total in what has been deemed the most costly election to date.

Currently, Democrats are being considerably outspent by their Republican opponents -- a matter that was highlighted by the Obama campaign In an email to supporters last month.