07/09/2012 06:32 pm ET

Celebrity Business Fails: 7 Businesses That Flopped Despite Star Power

In the startup game, star power only gets you so far.

Celebrities often use their fame and fortune to start businesses, but once the ventures are up and running, history shows that stars still succumb to some of the same hardships that trip up everyday entrepreneurs.

Some flops are truly perplexing, like Kim Basinger's infamous $20 million purchase of a Georgia town. Other celeb-owned businesses get stomped out because of more traditional obstacles, like Natalie Portman's vegan-friendly footwear line falling victim to the recession.

Such misfires haven't stopped many celebrities from trying and, sometimes, succeeding. Jessica Alba's new eco-friendly baby products site is gaining traction, P. Diddy has some notable notches under his belt, and Ashton Kutcher has proven himself to be a talented technology investor.

But for every Hollywood-fueled startup success, there's a celebrity-founded flop that will make you wonder, "What were they thinking?" Check out some of the most high-profile celebrity business failures: