07/09/2012 11:18 am ET Updated Jul 09, 2012

Dog Poop Needed For University of Calgary Study

Bagging man's best friend's smelly situation can be considered a contribution to science, according to the University of Calgary in Canada.

Scientists at Calgary are testing dog poop in order to discover how gastrointestinal parasites are transferred between dogs and wild animals in city parks, reported NBC Los Angeles.

Researcher Anya Smith told the the Globe and Mail that dog owners don't even need to transport the poop. The scientists will drive to the droppings.

After picking up the poop at the owner's household, researchers will later send a lab report detailing the dog's health as a service trade for allowing them to study the fecal sample.

"This is a service that normally costs over $100," said Smith to the Canadian Press.

According to reports, approximately 6,000 Canadian dog owners - most of whom live near popular dog parks - will be solicited in the mail for their pooch's poop.



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