07/09/2012 05:50 pm ET Updated Sep 08, 2012

Tiny Apartments In San Francisco? Developers Seek To Legalize 12x12 Living Spaces

This article comes to us courtesy of the San Francisco Public Press.

By Chase Niesner

San Francisco of the near future could be a place where thousands of young high-tech workers pack into 12-by-12-foot boxes in high-rises, each equipped with a combination desk/kitchen table, a single bed and the overall feel of a compact cruise ship cabin.

A developers' group is pushing the idea that tiny apartments could be the answer to rising rental prices, and has convinced the Board of Supervisors to put the proposal up for a vote next Tuesday.

The plan is to reduce the minimum living space in apartments from the current 220 square feet to just 150 -- a little larger than a standard San Francisco parking space.

Developers say they can house more people if they are able to pack more units in new buildings. They call these apartments "affordable by design." Some activists are calling them "shoeboxes."

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