07/10/2012 12:55 pm ET

'Political Animals': Sigourney Weaver, Adrian Pasdar Talk Diplomatic Crisis (VIDEO)

Don't even think about keeping Secretary of State Elaine Barrish (Sigourney Weaver) in the dark.

In this exclusive clip from an upcoming episode of USA's "Political Animals" above, Weaver adresses the Cabinet and President Garcetti (Adrian Pasdar) about a diplomatic crisis involving a hostage case.

"You were trying to handle a diplomatic crisis with a hostile regime in a combustible region internally?" Elaine snaps when she finds out information has been kept from her.

"Political Animals" is a six-part series that follows the drama of the former first family. The upcoming USA series stars Weaver, Sebastian Stan, Ellen Burstyn, James Wold, Carla Gugino and more.

So how does Weaver feel about stepping into the role of a powerful leader and tough character?

"I'm so weird. And Elaine is so... You know how people in school are elected to office? I was never that person," Weaver told HuffPost. "Elaine was always that person. I'm the freak looking at her. If it was The Parent Trap, she'd be the girl scout and I'd be the goblin. That's how I look at Elaine, but I love putting on her clothes and playing her."

"Political Animals" premieres on Sunday, July 15 at 10 p.m. ET on USA.