07/10/2012 08:02 am ET

Preview: Taschen's '100 Interiors From Around the World' Gives Gorgeous Views Of Exotic Homes (PHOTOS)

Later this month, Taschen is releasing an incredible new two-volume compilation, titled, "100 Interiors From Around the World", which lets us enter the world's most beautifully curated spaces by merely turning the page.

The interiors come from houses in Argentina, China, France, South Africa, and other striking locales. As expected, the styles represented are just as indulgently diverse as their geographical locations. One page presents an earthy minimalism with a kitchen entirely of bare wood, and the very next a sumptuous red dining room with gaudy candelabras and dripping crystal chandeliers.

Packed with spaces rustic, exotic, playful and experimental, the extensive compilation is a design aficionado's fantasy. Aside from making you obscenely jealous, the book presents personal taste as a sort of universal language. The Irish Tatler wrote: "It’s a homage to individuality and attention to detail in all corners of the world, from Asia to America."

See a slideshow of the gorgeous interiors below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.