07/11/2012 08:28 am ET Updated Jun 25, 2013

Arianna Huffington Announces New Initiative To Kickstart Jobs (VIDEO)

At the Aspen Ideas Festival last week, Arianna Huffington announced Opportunity: What Is Working, HuffPost’s effort -- in partnership with a group of notable companies, foundations, and educational institutions -- to find solutions to the country’s unemployment crisis.

In conversation with Walter Isaacson, the Aspen Institute’s president and CEO, Arianna decried our leaders’ lack of urgency and called on citizens to come together in the search for solutions by focusing on what is working.

"The big idea is based upon the fact that as we look around, we all, from different perspectives, have come to the conclusion that something is very broken in America," she told Isaacson. "That is what we love about this country, and the American dream is in real danger, and that this is our time to do something about it and not wait for politicians. The biggest problem right now is joblessness."

The Aspen Ideas Institute gathers global leaders for discussions on ideas relating to the arts, science, culture, religion, philosophy, economics and politics.

Watch the full video of the discussion above.