07/11/2012 01:26 am ET Updated Jul 11, 2012

Obama Gives 'Homeboy' Abraham Lincoln Impersonator A Nod During Iowa Campaign Stop (VIDEO)

In the 1,600-person crowd at President Obama's Tuesday campaign stop in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, one attendee stood out.

"Abraham Lincoln is in the house!" Obama said when he noticed a Lincoln look-alike. "My homeboy from Illinois -- and an outstanding Republican endorsee. There you go."

According to Marion Patch, Obama shook hands with Lance Mack, the actor impersonating the 16th president. Mack, an Obama supporter, told the Sioux City Journal that he saw remarkable similarities between the current president and his Republican predecessor.

"Obama chose such a fundamentally similar view with this speech," he said. "Whatever success we can achieve, we have to achieve together."

Tuesday's shout-out wasn't the first time Obama has invoked Abe on the campaign trail. In March, he told a Vermont crowd that today's Republican Party would not elect Lincoln, and stressed the attitude of bipartisanship that he embraced.

"[Lincoln] understood that we're in this together; we've got to make an investment in our futures," Obama said. "It was with the help of Republicans that FDR was able to give millions of returning heroes, including my grandfather, the chance to go to college through the GI bill."