07/12/2012 05:11 pm ET

Pokemon Voices: Girl Does Impersonations Of 151 Pokemon Characters (WATCH)

Ready for a blast from the past? YouTube user brizzyvoices uploaded a seven-minute clip of herself impersonating all 151 original Pokémon characters. Even if you don't exactly remember what Jigglypuff sounds like, it's worth a watch as she yells, squawks and growls her way through the voices of Pikachu, Charmander and the rest of the gang.

According to brizzyvoice's YouTube page, she goes to a theater school in New York, where she's an active member of her school's Pokémon League. The aspiring actress also participates in Swing Dance Society, Quidditch Team, and Zombie Defense League, making her pretty much the coolest person ever.

Earlier this year, another similarly talented young woman's animal impersonation video went viral. It featured the talented vocalist mimicking a range of animals, from crickets to kookaburras, with startling accuracy.

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(H/T Buzzfeed)