07/12/2012 03:46 pm ET Updated Sep 11, 2012

'Sex House' Reality Show Parody: Onion Digital Studios' First Series (VIDEO)

Today, The Onion launched a brand new venture, Onion Digital Studios, that will focus exclusively on making non-news parody digital content. The first program, reality show parody "Sex House," debuted its first installment with the episode "Meet the Nymphos."

In "Sex House," viewers are introduced to a cast of characters living in, well, a house where they're all going to have sex. As much as actual reality shows wish they could do away with the "plot" and "character arcs," the idea behind "Sex House" is that when you throw a bunch of hot young people (and one middle-aged old dude) in a house and tell them to have sex, you can rest assured, viewers are totally going to see them do it.

The Onion has always been known for its news parody, but the true genius of the satirical comedy outlet has always been its attention to day-to-day life's small stories. So it only makes sense that The Onion would branch out into video series that don't explicitly parody the news, like their expansive web series (and former IFC show) Onion News Network.

The company also just moved its editorial headquarters from New York City to Chicago (and lost several key creatives in the process), and they appear to be jumping into their new environment head-first with this ambitious new programming.