07/12/2012 10:41 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Beatles' 'Yellow Submarine' Becomes A Quirky Liverpool Hotel

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"We all live in a yellow submarine," sang The Beatles. And, while that might not be entirely accurate, fans of the Fab Four can now at least spend the night in one.

A floating hotel, painted to look like the band's famous yellow submarine, has set up shop at Liverpool, England's Albert Dock, reports the Daily Mail.

The 80-foot hotel, housed in a narrowboat, is the work of businessman Alfie Bubbles, and was opened Sunday, according to Click Liverpool. Bubbles, who is apparently not a Beatles fan, purchased the boat from Paramount, which used it in the film "The Hunt For Red October."

The submarine, which accommodates eight, features a a psychedelic lounge with an original scooter from the film Quadrophenia. It's also outfitted with 3D TVs and wireless internet.

yellow submarine hotel

Rates for the hotel are £149 ($230) per night Monday through Thursday, £299 ($462) on Friday and £350 ($541) on Saturday.

Bubbles hopes to tackle "Titanic" and "Pirates of the Caribbean" themes next.

Beatles fans can also take a trip to the band's former Ashram in India.

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Plus, there's another boat turned hotel to check into in England, just in time for the Olympics.