John Oliver: Mitt Romney Is Not Boring (VIDEO)

The general consensus on the Internet has become that Mitt Romney is a bit of a cooler when it comes to traffic, which of course, must be because he's boring, right? If conservatives aren't even that thrilled about him, how can your general Internet reader expect to be?

But one man has stood up to say that Mitt Romney is, in fact, NOT boring. "The Daily Show's" senior British correspondent John Oliver sat down with our own Katla McGlynn to discuss many things, including the new season of "John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show" on Comedy Central, and he made a point to explain Romney's engaging bona fides.

We have to admit, he makes a good case. When you really think about it, Mitt Romney might just be the most fascinating presidential candidate ever.

We'll have our full interview with Oliver for you next week, but for now, take a look at his thoughts on Romney above, and our (clearly misguided) slideshow of things that are more interesting than Romney below.



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