07/13/2012 11:26 am ET

RFK Jr. Had Mary Kennedy's Remains Dug Up Illegally, Official Says

Talk about the plot thickening.

In the latest bizarre development in the aftermath of Mary Kennedy's suicide, the New York Daily News reports that her estranged husband didn't fill out the necessary paperwork to exhume her remains from a burial plot and rebury them 700 feet away.

According to the newspaper, the scion of the political dynasty illegally had Mary's casket dug up from its not-so-final-resting-place near his aunt and uncle, Eunice and Sargent Shriver in a Cape Cod, Massachusetts cemetery and moved to a remote area of St. Francis Xavier Cemetery, where he is negotiating to buy 50 plots.

“When you deposit a body in Massachusetts, you need a permit,” Barnstable Town Clerk Linda Hutchenrider told the News. “And if the body is moved, you need another permit — even if it’s in the same cemetery.” She said no paperwork had been filed for last week’s exhumation. Kennedy was originally laid to rest on May 19.

Newsday reported new details about the discovery of Mary's body, which was found hanging in a barn at her Bedford, N.Y., home on May 16. Citing Westchester death records, the newspaper reported the suicide victim was found by her Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor, not by her husband and housekeeper, as first reported.

The new revelations follow heart-breaking details from Kennedy's autopsy report that suggest she may have changed her mind as the noose around her neck tightened. The medical examiner's report said Kennedy's fingers were wedged between the hangman's knot and her neck, possibly because she had second thoughts about leaving her four children without a mother.