07/14/2012 04:39 pm ET

Twitter HQ Justin Bieber Flash Mob: Employees Dance To 'Baby' At San Francisco Office (VIDEO)

Employees at Twitter headquarters have come down with Bieber Fever.

And on July 12, workers at the San Francisco office did their absolute best to get it out of their systems by participating in a lunchtime flash mob set to Justin Bieber's pop hit "Baby."

The social media site has long been a source for Bieber fans to express their undying love for the Canadian singer, so it was only a matter of time before workers jumped on the bandwagon.

In their YouTube video, Twitter explained the decision was inspired by the wise words of Abraham Lincoln: "If you can't Bieb them, join them."

Though the cafeteria dance was met with cheers and applause, some viewers, like Geek Wire's Molly Brown, said they felt bad for the innocent bystanders whose lunch was interrupted with Bieber hullaballoo.

Brown writes:

You will also notice the hundreds of other non-participating Twitter workers, with those horrified, awkward smiles frozen on their faces. These looks say, “I should’ve went to Burger King. I should’ve went to Burger King.”

Similarly, CNET's Charles Cooper says: "Resist the temptation to play the part of an overly harsh "American Idol" judge."

Flashmob aside, Bieber is an avid Twitter-user with nearly 25 million followers. Last month, the teen heartthrob even helped journalist Matt Lauer send his first Tweet during an appearance on NBC's "Today" show.

(h/t Daily What)