07/16/2012 10:58 am ET

The Best Time I Went Speed-Dating

Approximately two months after the man I thought I was going to have babies with and I broke up, I decided to plunge back into the dating scene. I hadn’t had any kind of rom-com meet-cute with a hunky guy, no friends were begging to set me up, and my last experiences with online dating had gone like this: guy who cried on our first date because his dad left when he was a kid, guy who farted in the movies so loudly that the old lady in front of us shushed him, and guy who called me a whore during brunch and then asked me out again.

I’ve always believed that dating is a numbers game wherein you have to kiss a large number of frogs, so Speed Dating seemed like an efficient way to evaluate the toads. When the Miracle of Google turned up a “Single Jewish Professionals, 23-33” event only 10 days later, I felt like it was fate. I forked over my $35 and wondered how bad it could really be?

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