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Frank Farino, Former Teacher, Sues NYC Department Of Education Claiming He Was Fired For Refusing Foursome (DOCUMENTS)

Frank Farino, a former assistant principal at P.S. 43Q in Queens, New York, has filed a lawsuit against the New York City Department of Education and his former boss, John Michael Quattrocchi, claiming the district official sexually assaulted him, then fired him for rejecting his advances as well as an invitation to join a foursome, Courthouse News Service reports.

According to the complaint, the issues began in February 2009, when Quattrocchi shared photos and stories of his estranged ex-boyfriend -- saying Farino reminded him of him.

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"Quattrocchi then ordered Farino to locate his ex-boyfriend for him. Quattrocchi told Farino, 'You know you have to do this for me - everything will be OK,' a phrase Quattrocchi often repeated to Farino throughout 2009 and 2010 as his sexual harassment continued," the complaint states.

Farino also claims things took a violent turn June 2009 at a Staff Development for Educators conference in Las Vegas. Courthouse News Service reports Farino went to check on Quattrocchi in his hotel room when his former boss allegedly pinned him face-down onto the bed.

"Farino's back was pressed against the front of Quattrocchi's body and Farino was unable to move although he attempted to break free several times. In response to Farino's efforts to free himself, Quattrocchi threatened Farino by saying: 'Don't move. Do as I say and you will keep your job,'" according to Courthouse News Service.

Farino's lawsuit claims the assault lasted three to five hours, during which time Quattrocchi continued to "kiss and fondle" him while he lay "motionless, and tearful."

Over the course of the next few years, Farino claims Quattrocchi continued to sexually harass and pursue him until he put him on mandatory leave to "have time to reflect and miss [Quattrocchi.]'"

Back in April, reports indicated that 16 teachers accused of various forms of sexual misconduct were still teaching in New York City public schools despite the city's efforts to terminate them.

In one case, a teacher allegedly bent a student over a desk, pushed his pelvis toward him, and said, according to the New York Times, "I'll show you what's gay," following a discussion on gay life in prison.

According to the New York Daily News, 14 of the 16 accused teachers were still working with students.

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Frank Farino Lawsuit

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