07/16/2012 11:01 am ET Updated Sep 07, 2012

Tom Guzzi, Legally Blind, Fought Off Robbers With Kitchen Pot, Cops Say

Justice is blind.

Tom Guzzi, a legally blind 71-year-old, was able to defend his Pittsburgh home from a pair of alleged armed robbers, according to CBS Local.

Guzzi was home alone early Saturday morning when two men professing to be utility workers, arrived at his door, Fox News reports. The men claimed they were there to check out a gas leak and needed to see the home's gas meter, police said. When Guzzi led them to the basement, the two men allegedly attacked him.

Guzzi told CBS Local that the two assailants repeatedly struck him with a gun, used a Taser, and beat him with a VCR. One suspect allegedly shoved a gun in Guzzi's mouth while the other yelled, "Shoot him, shoot him," according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The quick-thinking homeowner, however, was able to pull the gun out of his mouth and shout, "John, call the police," in order to make the suspects think that someone else was in the house.

Hearing this, the poseur utility workers fled upstairs, Guzzi said. When Guzzi ran after them, one suspect hit him over the head with a picture hanging on the wall before Guzzi grabbed a nearby cooking pot and began to hit the two men with it until they left his home.

Unfortunately, the robbers were able to take the man's wallet, as well as an empty safe

Due to his poor eyesight, Guzzi was unable to give a detailed description of the two men to investigators, though he did note that they were wearing orange or yellow safety vests.

Guzzi needed almost 30 staples to close up the gashes on his head.

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