07/17/2012 04:06 pm ET

Rrrrrrrroll Creates Strange GIFs Of Mysterious Spinning Woman (PHOTOS)

Rrrrrrrroll is a project by group of friends from Japan. In an e-mail to HuffPost Arts, one of the members wrote, "We don't really have any specific reasons for starting "rrrrrrrroll," but we were all thinking how cool it would be if we could produce something while just hanging out."

The eerie GIFs, which we first found on My Modern Met, depict a mysterious woman who spins while the rest of the world stands still. The result is a hypnotizing trick of the eye that would fit in as easily in art-house film as in a "Ringu"-inspired horror flick. Keep up with their Tumblr page to see where this supernatural lady will orbit next.

What do you think? Are you spooked or entranced by these moving images in the slideshow below?