07/17/2012 05:55 pm ET Updated Jul 17, 2012

Clevelander Pool Boy: Watch Steven De Nicola Win Competition At Marlins Park (VIDEO)

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After paring down five finalists from dozens of applicants, the Clevelander at Marlins Park crowned its very first pool boy. Our pool boy.

In a hilarious video where the five finalists dove for baseballs, blew up beach balls, and shook their booties for judges, University of Miami student Steven De Nicola came out victorious on Saturday in his itsy, bitsy blue skivvies. See De Nicola shake his stuff in the video above.

“I’m excited to dance with all these girls, have a good time, talk to people, swim a little bit, you never know,” he told NBC Miami.

What does Miami's official pool boy do beyond that? Trick question! That's all we've ever wanted!