07/18/2012 09:50 am ET

U Mad OkCupid Bro?

Few things make us sadder than romantic rejection and unrequited love. When you want someone and they don't want you back, it stings. But in the world of online dating, rejection -- or at least the failure to respond to a message -- is a standard part of the process. Internet dating offers a smorgasbord of options, and just because you feel like you "know" a total stranger based on a handful of photos and a list of bands they like, it doesn't follow that they're going to feel the same connection in return. And hey, that's all right. There are hundreds of other profiles to peruse.

But there are a few folks who take online rejection very seriously. Instead of accepting it as a necessary part of online dating, or even feeling the sting but eventually shrugging it off, they get mad. Real mad. And they take it out on whoever has the nerve to not date them. Like this man, who messaged an Asian women a few times, received no response, and shot off this missive:

Not interested? No worries, Asians eat dogs anyway and I happen to like dogs.

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