07/18/2012 04:16 pm ET

The Lego Wire: 'The Wire' Remade With Legos Because Why Not? (VIDEO)

Once again, here's proof that fans of "The Wire" cannot and will not let it go.

It's been over four years since the show ended it's five-season run on HBO, but that doesn't mean we can't have parodies. Where else are we going to get that sweet, sweet Omar and McNulty candy we've been missing?

Last month, Funny Or Die treated us to the sublime, and sort-of upsetting, The Wire: The Musical starring much of the original cast. And now there's this: The Lego Wire.

Sure the voices aren't the same, and well, they're legos... but look, the Omar one has a scar, McNulty has a huge liquor bottle and Freemon has a dollhouse! It's as true to the original as it could possibly be.

So watch the video above and get your fix. After all, it's all in the game.



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