07/19/2012 12:14 pm ET Updated Jul 19, 2012

'Boob Job Family' Defends Breast Implant Surgeries, Wants To Do Butts Next

The family that gets saline together stays together?

That was the shocking news out of England a few weeks ago, as we met the ladies of the Marshall family who have all gone under the knife to pump up their cleavage, netting 13 breast implant surgeries among them. Well, save for 14-year-old Britney Marshall, who's attempting to sit out this family fad.

Whether you wanted a sequel or not, the very blonde Marshall family is back, making an appearance on ITV's "This Morning," sort of a British "Today" show. Join us on a wild ride through their TV spot, won't you?

Perched on the couch are mother Chantal, 53, and her daughters Terri, 27, Emma, 30, and Ripley, 21, who have collectively spent over £50,000 ($78,000) on cosmetic surgery, including breast implants for all the girls.

Chantal says she's a 32G now, having started her implant journey (sigh) after an initial breast lift didn't give her the amount of perkiness she wanted.

"I was delighted with them for the first eight weeks," she says. "But when the swelling went down, they just looked like balls in socks."

Moving over to daughter Terri, who's a 34HH -- the largest cup size of the group -- and rides horses for her profession, but says her enlarged assets don't hinder her work. "I like the full look -- the fake look," she explains.

Then there's Ripley, who took out a £2,250 (about $3500) loan to put towards her three boob jobs.

And now let's hear from teenage Britney, who's the only one in the family determined to buck the breast implants thing. "I want people to take me seriously," Britney says, "because I want a career." Cue gasps from her family and the hosts.

Did Britney's message sink in? Were her mother and sisters shocked into reality by the astute words of this precocious 14-year-old?

In the next discussion, Emma tells the hosts ardently that she wants a "bum job," aka butt implants.

Sigh. Can we just quit the Internet before the woman panhandling for HER boob job gets her own TV show?

Watch the video over at ITV.

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